Why is an Online Retailer is better than an Online Marketplace ?

People usually get confused while differentiating the difference between an Online Retail Store and an Online Marketplace. While the Retail Store is a synonym that acts as a business model that facilitates exchange value between two different groups (Produces and consumers) who are interdependent. The marketplace, on the other hand, is a platform that facilitates exchange values between sellers and buyers, acting as a third party. While the first one acts as a maker platform, the second one is [...]

ecommerce security

How to Pay Securely in E-commerce Website

The technology has taken such a toll on you that a day doesn't go for the people who have a debit card/credit card these days. At least one person out of three, is making an online transaction on a daily basis. It seems that a day cannot go by without using your debit card for some kind of purchase be it clothes, book, movies or food. While that is there, you can also hear news every other day about [...]